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The place where Adam and Eve first lived
The place where God confounded the language and scattered the people
Two cities that were destroyed by fire because of their wickedness
The land that Abraham settled and spent most of his life
The country that Joseph was sold to by his brothers
The land and mount that Moses got the commandments
The city that was home to the main Jewish temple
The city that Joshua was well known for bringing down
The tribe of Israel that had the largest land and remained one of the kingdoms
The country that Ruth and Naomi were orginally from
Name one the places that took Israel in to captivity in the time of Isaiah
The city that God told Jonah to preach to
The city that Jesus was born in
The name of the land and sea where Jesus taught and healed many
The pool said to have healing powers
The land or republic in the new testement that was in charge of the taxing
The city that Christians were first called 'Christians'
The city that Paul went to and wrote to that worshipped Diana
The island that John was given the Revelation
The name of the valley for the final battle

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