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What were the SF Bay Area Sports Controversies?

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Who is considered to be one of the all time overall first draft pick busts?
Who was the first player to refuse to stand for the National Anthem in 2016?
Who was suspended for a game in the NBA Finals for excessive technical fouls, the last being hitting LeBron James in the groin?
To what state did the SF Giants almost move in 1993?
Before the 2015 season, the San Jose Sharks stopped playing 'Rock and Roll, Part 2' after each goal. Who was the artist who performed the song?
Who choked his coach at a team practice?
Who was accused of using steriods in the form of the 'clear' and the 'cream'?
What two QBs were considered to be part of the greatest QB controversy as to who should start?
What owner tried to sell two star players to a Boston area team only to be rebuked by the league leading to a famous & influential case of _____ vs Kuhn?
What Bay Area team has never won its league championship?
Who authored a controversial book called 'Juiced'?
What owner traded his coach for four draft picks? Name the owner or coach.

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