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Can you name the people who have died in 2012 who may have tweeted the below?

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[1965]@ant-b Tx 4 the new beanie. I wanted 1 like @Minnow_1st-Mate not with edges all cut up
[1963]Tx for the shout out @Caldecott...No plans for @Max to reappear however
[1960] X X X X X X X X X XXX 300 :)
[1986]@BillyBucks ...UR SHOE'S UNTIED!!!! Won't need to put on C gear!
[1982]WHAT!!! Me sing a Dolly Parton Song??? ROFLMAO!!! I have never loved you :(
[June 17, 1972]@ggordon…did u find anything?...Watching Cronkite...oops disregard...deleting acct
[1975] Bandstand...Interviewing Rockers...Game Show Host...Happy New Year America...America's Oldest Teenager
[1966]@mickey_Dz ...missed train. Next 1 2morrow...cu in Clarksville
[1974]@MORE_lee...At #his_home, surpise! this is gonna be great!!!! Should I start w/ 'Are you available to answer some q's at your convenience?' No, nix that...he's here. Later!
[1980]Went 2 Disneyland--can't stand the over-commercialization!!! Want to paint like Van Gogh!
[1979]@RingMag--understand you are for sale. I'm in!!!
[1953] Ooh Lah Lah!!!! Thinking of opening a barber shop
[Sep 21, 1962] @L_flatt & @JScoggins ru available 4 jam session Mon by the Ceement Pond???
[1974]@TheGreatest, see #Rope-A-Dope--need 2 check it out, CU in the corner
[1971]@Bandstand--UR rite, Soooooooooole Train! for Christian music show not it, But getting close!
[1986]Am a little bruised after big fight at party!!! But it's my right!!!
[1962] 903 no, 904 no, 905 no, 906 no, 907 no, 908 no, 909 no, 910 no, 911 YES!!! Vrooom!!!
[2008] Can yOu kNow SomEone's Real VAlues by how They wIll be VEry Strong when RespOnding 2 Critical taKes on issues.
[1961] AT LAST!
[2002}@McQ--it's just @Sandy's way of cleaning up the youth of America! Now hit the showers yourself you big palooka!

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