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Can you name the MLB players who played in 4+ different decades (& active players who could do so in 2020)?

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1870s-1900s-1st great baseball slugger, HOF
1870s-1900s-Orator Jim, HOF
1880s-1910s-Black Sox Mgr 1919
1880s-1910s-26 seasons, catcher
1880s-1910s-informally banned from baseball for Lajoie-Cobb batting championship scandal
1880s-1910s-No relation to Tom Clancy
1890s-1930s-5 decades-vaudeville routine w/ Al Schacht
1900s-1930s-Part of A's $100K infield & Black Sox, HOF
1900s-1930s-oldest to start WS game
1920s-1950s-only player mentioned in Ogden Nash's Lineup for Yesterday-Not in the HOF
1930s-1960s-1st mgr for new ('61) Senators
1930s-1960s-also managed Senators, HOF
1930s-1960s-debut for orig Senators, HOF
1940s-1980s-5 decades-last AB, 5-3 (grd out) for White Sox, played for Senators 1963
1950s-1980s-16 gold gloves, debut w/ orig Senators
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1950s-1980s-Norm Chad said, 'when you ask him the time, will tell you how a watch works.'
1950s-1980s-Most famous body of water in baseball, HOF
1960s-1990s-Fred Merkle of 1986
1960s-1990s-Think Babe Ruth & rain delays
1960s-1990s-reversed his uniform number when traded, HOF
1960s-1990s-threw no-hitter
1960s-1990s-7 no-nos, HOF
1970s-2000s-finished career w/ Calif Surf Dogs 2005, HOF
1970s-2000s-12 MLB teams
1970s-2000s-Pitcher for final out of '86 WS
1980s-2010-Mariner, HOF
1980s-2010-Another Former Mariner
1980s-2010-Yet Another Former Mariner, HOF-poss
1990s-2020s?-Astros 2017, 42 in 2020
1990s-2020s?-Rangers 2017, 40 in 2020

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