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Can you name the characters seen or mentioned in the UK version of the Office?

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 Regional Manager
 Senior Sales Rep
 Assistant (to the) Regional Manager
 Travelling Sales Rep
 Wernham-Hogg Manager
 UK Manager
 Warehouse worker
 She likes blacks...
 The office black guy
 Sloppy seconds?
 Didn't know Eric Hitchmo talked like that
 His kids will see this
 Regards Brent as 'wanker'
 Tunnel will not be banded around the office...willy nilly
 Cleaner, doesn't even have email
 Affectionately known as Kojak
 Hard to tell with some of the wheelchair ones
 Embarrassment to be honest love
 Managed to scrape a first in the end
 Seedy little man with seedy little jokes
 It's a good name
 Give him a job
 Cares about her unborn child
 Wants Brent to try her Thai food
 Has his own Porsche...from paper
 Got a great leaving present
 Little fella, fancies Dawn even if no one else does
 One of Gareth's 'mad' mates
 His wife has left him
 She has left him
 Another of Gareth's mad mates
 Neither Cooper nor Webb
 Hears it all the time
 2 for a tenner? Yes please, 4.
 Conference coordinator/Los Angeles detective/Torquay hotel owner
 Cockles, Brent's mate.
 Filling the disability quota
 Lee's sister
 Lee's brother-in-law
 Donna's dad, bloody big bugger
 Donna's mum, presumably not Sammy's ex
 Used all the penicillin
 MENCAP employee
 MENCAP employee
 Presumed girlfriend of Fish Fingers
 Sends Ricky down from Temping Agency
 You can tell when he's lying, his lips move
 Won't win a Pulitzer with filth
 Making shitloads out of computers
 Explored herself and Asia
 Not a Des'ree expert
 Doesn't do the best Ali G impression
 It's his prerogative
 Imagine him in a band

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