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Can you name the Neanderthal and Pre-modern Human Sites?

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Notable FeaturesSite NameCountry
Both red deer and Neanerthals showed signs of butchering and were discarded in the same mannerFrance
Shows intermediate fossils between Neandertahl and Homo sapien at 90,000 BCIsrael
Modern Hominids found with Mousterian ToolsIsrael
Cave site which has yielded the most recent Neanderthal fossils anywhere but with Mousterian tools – at 27,000 BPSpain
Hundreds of mammalian fossils (cave bears, moose, rhinos) and sign of cannabilism foundCroatia
Shows transition from Mousterian to Upper Paleolithic in the Middle EastIsrael
Skull found embedded in Stalactite, robust with large brain size Greece
First multidisciplinary excavation Belgium
Site that Boule used to support his findingsFrance
Bone harpoons and catfish remains foundZaire
Notable FeaturesSite NameCountry
Remains of a bear found here, worked on by Schaffhausen and FuhlrottGermany
3 wooden spears foundGermany
Dali Cranium found here (has a long low vault, 1200 cc and large browridge) BUT a vertical and delicate faceChina
Site dated at 500,000 YA shows earlies evidence of deliberate body disposalSpain
Homo erectrus from 800,000 YA and small skeleton from 18,000 YA foundIndonesia
First nenaderthal skull found in 1829Belgium
Skull found in 100 pieces dated at about 600,000 YAEthiopia
Adult cranium found in1848 before discovery at Feldhofer GrottoGibraltar (British territory)
Skull found with partially healed punctureZambia

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