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QUIZ: Latin: Unit 16 - Nouns - Vergil List I (M-V)

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English definition(s)Latin word(s)
hand; band, trop; deed
mother, dame; MATRON
mind, feeling, intention
walls; city; structures (PL)
MOUNTAIN, height
death, destruction, ruin
function, duty; gift
son, child, young
ship, boat, vessel, galley
English definition(s)Latin word(s)
NAME, fame, renown
night, darkness; sleep
divinity, divine power (will, favor, purpose, presence)
shore, coast, region, border
mouth, face; speech
PARENT, ancestor, father, mother
PART, portion, share, side
father, ancestor, sire
breast, heart, soul
English definition(s)Latin word(s)
sea, flood, waves
foot; sheet-rope, sheet
PUNISHMENT, PENALTY, satisfaction, revenge, vengeance
PORT, harbor, haven
Priam, king of Troy
boy, child; slave
stern; ship, vessel, galley
who, which, what, that
who? which? what? why?; ANY, SOME(ONE)
queen; (adj.) ROYAL
English definition(s)Latin word(s)
royal power, kingdom, REALM, rule, sway, sovereignty
thing, affair, matter, deed, fact, fortune; state, commonwealth
king; (adj.) ruling, ROYAL
blood; race, descendant
stone, rock, reef, cliff, crag
seat; abode, habitation; bottom; tomb, shrine; place, region
star, constellation, meteor; season, weather; heaven
forest, wood(s), tree(s)
ally, comrade, follower
English definition(s)Latin word(s)
sleep, slumber, dream
roof; house, home, abode
earth, land, country
weapon; wound, blow
time; occasion, crisis
earth, land, country, soil
shade, shadow, ghost
wave, billow, water, sea
city, town
English definition(s)Latin word(s)
prophet, seer, bard
cloth, canvas, sail
wind, breeze, blast, air
WAY, road, journey, street
(real) man; hero; husband
force, VIOLENCE, energy
life, soul, spirit
VOICE, word, speech, sound

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