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Latin: Unit 14 Principal Parts

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animadverto (3)
obtineo (2) - hold
circumvenio (4) - surround
peto (3) - seek
colloco (1) - arrange
compleo (2) - fill
spero (1) - hope
consuesco (3) - be accustomed
gero (3) - carry
oppugno (1) - attack
efficio (3io) - accomplish
tollo (irr.) - lift, remove
prohibeo (2) - prevent
praesto (1) - perform, surpass
demonstro (1) - show
desum (irr.) - be lacking
consisto (3) - stop, stand
defero (irr.) - bring (down)
conor (1) - try
egredior (3io) - go out
licet (irr.) - be allowed

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