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QUIZ: Latin: 501 Verbs (Part I)

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English Definition(s)Latin Verb
go away (Irr)
throw away (3io)
be away (Irr)
approach (3)
happen (3)
accept, receive (3io)
charge, accuse (1)
sharpen, encourage (3)
add (3)
approach (Irr)
summon, furnish (2)
add, throw toward (3io)
take away, deprive (3)
attain, obtain (3 DEP)
grow up (3)
be present (Irr)
build (1)
make or be equal or level (1)
be hot, heave (1)
bring to, report (Irr)
strike, ruin, lessen (3)
speak to, address (1 DEP)
attack (3io DEP)
do, drive (3)
say, affirm (DEF)
English Definition(s)Latin Verb
nourish, cherish (3)
go arround, surround (4)
walk, navigate (1)
clothe, conceal (4)
like, love (1)
nod, give assent (3)
open, uncover (4)
name (1)
think, perceive (1 DEP)
enclose, ward off, protect (2)
blaze, glow (2)
arm, equip (1)
mount, rise (3)
scatter, sprinkle (3)
raise (3)
dare (2)
hear (4)
take away (Irr)
increase (2)
drink (3)
fall (3)
cut, kill (3)
be warm or hot (2)
sing (3)
seize, take (3io)
English Definition(s)Latin Verb
be without, lack (2)
pluck, divide (3)
avoid, beware (2)
yield (3)
hide (1)
think (2)
distinguish, understand (3)
struggle (1)
loiter, stop (1)
set in motion (2)
encircle (3)
go around, encircle (Irr)
carry around (Irr)
shout (1)
close, shut (3)
meet, unite (Irr)
begin (began) (3)
think, reflect (1)
collect, compel (3)
recognize, learn (3)
cherish, cultivate (3)
eat up, devour (Irr)
accompany (1)
entrust, insure (1)

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