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Latin: Unit 04 Famous Early Romans

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Pre-Romans (ca. 1200 BC)
Aeneas' father 
Aeneas' mother 
Mythological 'Co-founder' of Rome; fought for Troy; founded Lavinium 
son of Aeneas; founded Alba Longa 
Founding of Rome 753 BC
father of the twins 
mother of the twins 
twin and 1st king of Rome; raised by a she-wolf 
the other twin; killed by his brother 
Kings of Rome 753-509 BC
Founding of the Republic 509 BC
founder of the Roman republic; one of the first consuls in 509 B.C. 
was violated by a son of T. Superbus and took her own life; this led to the expulsion of the kings 
Early Republic 509-274 BC
Roman triplets vs Alban triplets 
defended the bridge against the Etruscans singlehandedly 
tried to kill the Etruscan king, was captured, and placed his right hand in the fire; an example of Roman bravery 
female hostage of the Etruscans; escaped and swam across the Tiber 
hero and model of virtue and simplicity; granted a dictatorship so that he might help Rome in a time of military crisis; he quickly saved the day and returned to his farm 
King of Epirus; defeated the Romans in 280 and 279 BC but lost a greaty many of his troops; the term 'Pyrrhic victory' alludes to him 
Mid-Republic 274-148 BC
Carthaginian general - 1st Punic War 
Carthaginian general - 2nd Punic War 
defeated the Carthaginians in the final battle of the 2nd Punic War, the Battle of Zama 

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