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English meaning(s)Latin wordPart of Speech
101 year, agenoun
102 withoutprep.
103 boynoun
104 nothingnoun
105 long, talladjective
106 heaven, sky, airnoun
107 thus, so, in this way, thereforeadverb
108 sonnoun
109 where, whenadverb
110 also, tooadverb
111 beforeadv. / prep.
112 song, music, poemnoun
113 indeed, certainlyadverb
114 to us, for us, for ourselves, to ourselvespronoun
115 Oh!interjection
116 citynoun
117 each, every, everybody, everythingpronoun
118 behind, afteradv. / prep.
119 under, beneathprep.
120 to say, assertverb (def.)
121 anybody, anything, anyonepronoun
122 to take hold, seize, grasp, captureverb
123 to go, walk, march, advanceverb
124 to love, likeverb
125 to hold, keep, possessverb
126 except, unless, if notconjunction
127 soldiernoun
128 alwaysadverb
129 we, us, ourselvespronoun
130 cause, reason, motive, originnoun
131 word, proverbnoun
132 then, at that timeadverb
133 search for, seek, ask, inquireverb
134 to take, receive, acceptverb
135 on behalf of, for, beforeprep.
136 then, nextadverb
137 how great, how much, of what sizeadjective
138 war, warfare, battle, combatnoun
139 to put, place, set, stationverb
140 strength, force, power, mightnoun (irr.)
141 to be made, be done, become, happenverb
142 brothernoun
143 mothernoun
144 to order, commandverb
145 such, so great, of such kindadjective
146 mouth, speech, facenoun
147 to seek, look for, head for, aim at, attackverb
148 work, neednoun
149 to lead, command, takeverb
150 so, so much (as), to such an extentadverb
English meaning(s)Latin wordPart of Speech
151 holy, sacred august, pious, divineadjective
152 true, real, genuineadjective
153 to read, gather, collect, pick outverb
154 to trust, believeverb
155 concern, care, worry, troublenoun
156 to send, throw, cast, releaseverb
157 mind, reason, intellectnoun
158 much, moreadj. / adv.
159 to know, understandverb
160 to conquer, defeatverb
161 to live, be alive, resideverb
162 fire, brightness, passionnoun
163 greatest, biggest, largest, leading, chiefadjective
164 girlnoun
165 strong, powerful, brave, boldadjective
166 enemy, stranger, foreignernoun
167 the other, the remaining, the restadjective
168 arms (pl.), weapons, equipmentnoun (plural)
169 custom, habit, manner, morals (pl.)noun
170 often, frequentlyadverb
171 to call, summon, nameverb
172 friend, allynoun
173 birth, origin, race, familynoun
174 indicates that question is being askedinterr. enclitic
175 voice, tone, expressionvoice
176 one (of two), second/anotheradjective
177 more, to greater extentadverb
178 to writeverb
179 twonumber
180 to follow, escort, make for, seekverb
181 skill, craft, artnoun
182 head, person, sourcenoun
183 to move, stir, agitate, disturbverb
184 highest, greatestadjective
185 sweet, pleasant, charmingadjective
186 new, fresh, youngadjective
187 how, thanconj. / adv.
188 to teach, showverb
189 nature, characternoun
190 young, youth, youthfuladj. / noun
191 to speak, tell, talk, sayverb
192 bigger, greater, largeradjective
193 footnoun
194 people, nation, State, members of a societynoun
195 therefore, thenadverb
196 or, perhapsenclitic
197 water, rainfallnoun
198 to come upon, discover, find, inventverb
199 work, effort, toilnoun
200 to bring/carry back, to go back, returnverb

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