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Latin: Common Words (1-50)

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1) and 
2) who, which 
3) and, also, even 
4) to be, exist 
5) in, on (abl.); into (acc.) 
6) he, it 
7) this, these 
8) not, no, by no means 
9) with (abl.); when, since, although 
10) to, toward, at 
11) that, those 
12) that, so that, in order to 
13) all, every, each 
14) by, from 
15) his, her, its, their 
16) say, speak, tell 
17) nor, and not, neither 
18) down, of, about, concerning 
19) but, however, yet 
20) himself, herself, itself, themselves 
21) if 
22) through, along, by means of 
23) to be able, can 
24) to do, make 
25) to see; seem (Passive) 
26) my, mine 
27) to have, hold 
28) to me, for me, I, me, myself 
29) your, yours 
30) out of, from 
31) himself, herself, itself, themselves 
32) God, god, divine being 
33) you, yourself 
34) me, myself, I 
35) thing, event, business, matter, affair 
36) now, already 
37) to give 
38) and, as well as 
39) or, either...or 
40) other, another, different 
41) day, daylight 
42) our 
43) king 
44) for you, to you 
45) to come 
46) much, many 
47) one, alone, a single 
48) large, great, loud 
49) but, moreover, however 
50) not, that not, lest 

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