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Quantum agent, whom Vesper comes to, to trade Bond's money for his life
MI6 agent, and Bond's friend, turned bank robber
Government contractor and _____'s henchman
MI6 informant, revealed to be a KGB agent sent to steal the ATAC device
Gold-obsessed entrepeneur
Two bikini-wearing bodyguards of 'Willard Whyte'
Voodoo lord of the underworld, who works for _____
Computer programmer working for _____
War-obsessed arms dealer, working with _____
_____'s henchman, with a scar on his cheek
Terrorist-for-hire, who is sent to blow up the Skyfleet plane prototype
Isthmus City's military commander
_____'s young, but sadistic henchman
Eco businessman/Quantum agent, who plans to make a monopoly over Bolivia's water
Tough SPECTRE assassin
Former Nazi scientist, working for _____
Radiation scientist with metal hands
Caribbean prime minister/Drug kingpin
Professor of forensics, and assassin
DEA agent, revealed to be on _____'s payroll
Oil tycoon's crazed daughter, who plans to blow up Istanbul to conquer the oil market
Media mogul, who plans to start a war between the UK and China, for broadcast rights
_____'s bowlcut henchman
Mob enforcer and assassin, who has 'no head for heights'
SPECTRE's eyepatch-wearing second-in-command
Cat-stroking leader of SPECTRE and Bond's arch enemy
_____'s mistress and SPECTRE agent
The world's best assassin, who uses a golden pistol
Sadistic Colombian drug lord
Defected general, who is revealed to be an arms dealer
Bolivian general, working with _____
Soviet general, who plans to conquer Europe by blowing up an Air Force base
_____'s brooding, dice-crushing henchman
Blofeld's head of security at the Piz Gloria clinic
South Korean general turned diamond millionaire
Blofeld's silent bodyguard in Japan
SPECTRE agent, who becomes fish food
Industrialist, who plans to rebuild the human race in a spaceship
Blofeld's henchwoman in Switzerland
Giant henchman with metal teeth
Exiled Afghan prince, working with _____
Sea-loving millionaire, who hijacks nuclear subs in his plan to build Waterworld
SPECTRE planner and chess player
Poker-playing terrorist banker
Special Intelligence operative behind the Nine Eyes surveillance program
Industrialist, who plans to flood New York to conquer the microchip market
_____'s strong henchwoman and girlfriend
Marine expert, working for _____
MI6 agent and expert fencer, revealed to be working for _____
Twin circus acrobats and assassins
SPECTRE assassin with metal thumbnails
Industrialist in Japan and SPECTRE agent
Assassin working for Quantum
Two assassins (and boyfriends) working for Blofeld
Helicopter pilot, working for _____
_____'s butler
_____'s frisbee hat of death-throwing henchman
_____'s henchman, and previous henchman's partner
Kingston geologist, working for _____
MI6 agent turned cyberterrorist, who wants revenge on M
_____'s strong head of security
Soviet general, now SPECTRE agent
_____'s bald henchman, who tries to kill Bond in Cairo
_____'s henchman, with a scar on his cheek
African LRA soldier and terrorist, who loans _____ his money
_____'s henchman, with a metal claw for a hand
3 assassins, working for _____ who pose as blind beggars
_____'s money-obsessed financial advisor
_____'s silent, creepy henchman
Terrorist, with a bullet in his brain, working with _____
Sexy, sadistic henchwoman working for _____
Korean agent and terrorist, with diamonds in his face

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