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Can you pick the right villain, who sadly passed away, in a certain way?

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Slammed in the head with a broken table legKill Bill
Falls into the magma of a volcanoThe Return of the King
Decapitated by a low subway signalSpeed
Drowns and boils alive in a pool of radioactive coolantDr No
Blinded, and then mauled to death by a DilophosaurusJurassic Park
Destroyed by the combined power of an Infinity Stone, 3 people and a raccoonGuardians of the Galaxy
Stabbed in the neck by a cyborgRobocop
Disintegrates when his pet snake is killedHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Smacked in the head by a metal pig doorstopMisery
Loses his grip on a hairy monster, and falls from a castle balconyBeauty and the Beast
Falls out of a tree, with a vine around his neckTarzan
Falls into a satellite dish, only to be crushed by the falling antennaeGoldeneye
Torn apart at the waist by hungry zombiesDay Of The Dead
Freezes to death in a mazeThe Shining
Shot with a poison dart, and ejected into spaceMoonraker
Face is melted off by the power of GodRaiders of the Lost Ark
Attached to a missile, and fired into a helicopterTrue Lies
Turned into a rat, and chopped in half by Mr BeanThe Witches
Decapitated by a camper she tried to killFriday the 13th
Falls from a 30-storey window, in slow motionDredd
Melts in a vat of molten steelT2: Judgment Day
Bleeds out after his mouth mask is ripped offMad Max: Fury Road
Top of her head gets sliced off, revealing her brainKill Bill
Crushed by a giant bell (again)Coco
Sucked into a jet turbine by his capeThe Incredibles
Falls from a skyscraper he had recently tried to lootDie Hard
Ages to dust after drinking from the wrong cupThe Temple of Doom

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