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Can you answer the questions about Markiplier's series Drunk Minecraft, correctly?

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How many episodes of Drunk Minecraft have there been?
What is Bob's username?
What two words does Mark misinterpret?
What is Bob's catchphrase?
What TV show did the trio like to spoof, and quote, from time to time?
What does Mark enjoy putting on giant models?
Who does Mark scream about Wade to?
Which other YouTubers have played with the trio?
What does Bob have on his forehead in one episode?
Which two characters did the trio hilariously ruin?
The trio were supposed to do letter substitution. What letter were they supposed to replace with K?
Mark got jumpscared (and killed) by which Minecraft mob?
Wade left the series briefly. What two objects did Mark and Bob replace him with?
The trio spend one episode portraying one another. Whom does Wade portray?
Mark is repeatedly (and hilariously) harassed by the server's co-owner. What is their username?
What is Wade's username?
What is Bob's dog called?
Which cartoon character is Bob's skin based on?
Wade said he once got a supermodel's phone number. Who believed him?
What does Mark accidently do (outside of game) that he has to get a tiny keyboard for?
Which player died in the first 10 seconds of an episode?
What do the trio set out to build in every episode, but somehow get sidetracked?
What number was the Christmas special episode?
The trio was attacked by giant versions of which Minecraft mob?
What does Mark 'mistakenly' call a Jawa?
The trio did a Pictionary-style challenge. What was Mark's second subject to build?
What water-like stuff do Mark and Bob find?
What is the name of the theme park that the trio go to? (Clue: it's named after one of them)
The trio did a challenge, to each build a tower of which Minecraft material?
What cartoon characters does Wade try to build, before the trio go to space?
In one episode, what is the one rule that everyone disobeys, but ends up dying of?
To celebrate Wade's victory in a previous episode, the trio made statues of him. Who won?
The trio went to the moon and found a village of aliens, which looked like which cartoon character?

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