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Can you name the Disney villains, from the way they were finally defeated?

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Means of death/defeatVillain
Dragged into the Underworld, by his 'friends'
Caught on large firework, which flies into hundreds of other fireworks, creating a very nice display
Killed by Tramp
With her source of youth is destroyed, she ages rapidly until she trips out of the window. Only her cloak remains
Heroine's boyfriend drives a ship, with a broken mast, straight through her gut
Hero ties a flaming branch to his tail, which scares him away
Accidently crushes log beneath him over a waterfall, sending him and hero to a watery grave. Well, just him anyway
Caught in ship flag, which hero releases from it's bonds, causing him to float away into deep space
Left sobbing after her car is destroyed, along with her annoyed henchmen
Falls into an ocean inferno after his heart is stabbed
Flies into a 'light beacon', which is actually a volcanic eruption of Diet Cola
Weakened by the sunrise, which reverts him back into rock
Destroyed when his parrot kicks his lamp into lava
Means of death/defeatVillain
Falls to her doom, after lightning hits the ground under her
Falls from cathedral, holding on to a demon gargoyle, into a pool of molten copper below
Sucked into the Black Cauldron, and obliterated by it's power
Goes over waterfall after noticing far too late
Hero cuts him with crystal shard, turning him into a living crystalline statue, which is later shattered by balloon fan blades
Slams himself into cliff trying to kill hero and hero's dad
Stabbed by a magic sword and falls off a cliff, until there's nothing left but the sword
Eaten by his own giggling henchmen
Falls from the hands of the Big Ben tower, along with hero
Loses his grip after stabbing hero, and falls into deep chasm below
Accidently drives car into the path of an oncoming subway train, destroying the car and himself
Accidently hangs himself after falling out of a tree, with a vine wrapped around his neck

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