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Can you name each James Bond villain, from the way they were finally killed off?

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Means of deathVillain
His only word in the movie, is right before he gets yanked off a train, via his neck
Drowns in boiling radioactive pool, since he could'nt get a grip on things
Shot by the guy he wanted to shoot. How ironic
Give the people what they want on the news. A giant sea drill (that roars) that can tear you apart
Shot by soldiers, before he could 'become a hero of the Soviet Union'
Shot his bolt, so Bond shot his, back at him
Revenge is sweet. Or covered in gasoline, set on fire, and then exploded
Goes for a skydive, out the plane window
Shot by her henchwoman after trying to 'kick' Bond
'You would'nt kill me. You'd miss me'. Bond did'nt miss, and hopefully does'nt
Flies his plane straight into a mountain. Should've taken extra lessons
'For England James?' 'No. For me'
Gets shot before he can *ahem* feed Bond 'what he seemed not to value'
Means of deathVillain
Falls from the Golden Gate bridge, but still laughs about it
'She always did enjoy a good squeeze'
Stabbed in the back. By M years ago, and now by Bond
'He met his Waterloo'. Well, his Waterloo Wellington bust. To his face
Went out for some fresh air, and hopefully a new arm
She could read Jinx's every move. Except her get-a-book-and-stab-her-heart-through-said-book move
Gets shot after drinking motor oil
No capes. Or parachutes. Or electric armour
Stabbed in the back, with a harpoon
'He always did have an inflated opinion of himself'
'He blew a fuse'
He takes a giant step for mankind, out of the airlock

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