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Can you name the members of the Batman rogues gallery, from their description?

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Arkham FileName
Mild-mannered man with a desire to 'repair' people, even if he broke them himself
Criminal who commits crimes that correspond with different holidays and dates
Identical twins, who turn to crime
Bald crime boss, who commits egg-related crimes, and belives himself to be 'the world's smartest criminal'
Gotham mob boss, who wears a (answer)
Scientist, who invented a serum to cure his deafness, which only transforms him into a bat-human hybrid
Serial killer, who carves a tally mark into his skin, for every kill he makes
Crazed surgeon who creates 'dolls' out of the skin and limbs of his victims
Murdered prospector, re-animated into super-strong zombie
Former millionaire, who resorts to crime dressed as a musketeer
Flamboyant mob hitman, and cannibal, who drives a pink motorbike
Small time crook turned clown-faced crime boss, and Batman's arch enemy
Gotham crime boss, with an obsession of umbrellas and bird-related items
Scizophrenic surgeon who 'perfects' people by cutting them up, and turning them into obedient 'Dollotrons'
Criminal obsessed with puzzles, to prove his intelligence and strain Batman's mind
Bruce Wayne's childhood friend turned enemy
Criminal obsessed with the Alice in Wonderland character. And hats. And hypnosis
Botanist turned criminal, with the ability to control plant life
The world's greatest assassin, with perfect aim and co-ordination
Former circus cortortionist, who can bend his body and limbs to unspeakable limits
Vengeful actor turned into a hulking mass of shapeshifting mud
Arkham FileName
Criminal obsessed with time and punctuality, who commits crimes at various times
Arkham scientist and psychiatrist, who is one of the few people to know Batman's true identity
_____'s psychiatrist turned girlfriend
Criminal mercenary, who gains superhuman strength after a dose of Venom serum
_____'s dummy, and other personality, who normally is the brains behind his controller's actions
Former historian, who believes he is the reincarnated Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun, and that Gotham is his empire
A former Robin, turned mercenary who believes Batman left him to Joker's wrath
Unsuccessful criminal, dressed as a moth
Skilled ventriloquist, with split-personality-disorder, who turns to crime
Criminal, wearing a suit to perserve his icy body temperture, trying to save his wife
Former District Attorney turned duality-obsessed criminal after an acid attack
Former actress, born with dwarfism, who turned to crime
Feline-style thief, who is an enemy/love interest of Batman
The mugger in a dark alley, who basically started it all
Former embezzler, who was disfigured and driven insane by the inmates of Arkham
Pyromanic, who uses a flamethrower and his jetpack, to commit crimes
Criminal vigilante, who vows to annihilate the justice system, as revenge for his parents's deaths
Former teacher turned criminal, who believes he is the god Zeus, and commits crimes based around Greek Mythology
Born with a skin disease that looks like scales, he went from circus performer to monstrous cannibal
Psychologist turned to crime, who uses his toxins to induce people's fears

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