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Can you identify these bootleg games, based on descriptions, quotes, etc.?

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'They took Fred Flintstone... and put Mario's face on him.' -Joel
The only game where you can find Simba riding on a Nazi helicopter
Four words: 'I Love Beijing Tiananmen'
A crossover between two 3D fighting games, but in 2D. Also, it doesn't involve Liam Neilson, unfortunately.
If you get a game over, you get to see a Lion King character kill himself. Fun!
A side-scrolling beat-em up on the Titanic. I'm sorry, it's not called the Titanic, but the _______.
'It's a-me, Sonic! As you all know, I'm red, but when I get the mushroom, I become blue!'
A hack of The Blues Brothers for SNES, but you play as secret agents, one of which should be played by Will Smith.
Actually may have inspired Street Fighter 2: Turbo
A hack of Tiny Toons Adventures, featuring a crossover battle that would make Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War jealous. Or not.
A Minigame collection featuring: Picaclick, Picaslot, Picadance, and... Pacman. Being real subtle with that last one, guys.
A PC-Engine game that is like Street Fighter, but sexier.
'I was talking about all these 90's up failed Sonic abortion clones? This is where they all end up...' -Joel
A bootleg port of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero
Now you can play a version of Street Fighter EX for your SNES. Yay...?

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