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Can you name the movies from their Twisted Plots?

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A disgruntled teenager joins a cult and destroys government property.
A wealthy man uses his fortune to frighten the mentally ill.
An out of work author takes a new job that inspires him to see what his family is made of.
A white girl dreams of killing a colored wicca family.
A sea creature's habitat is invaded when a gang of hired killers comes to collect a bounty.
A desperate civilization hopes to acquire much-needed resources but greedy land-owners won't budge!
Set in WWII, a business man struggles when prisoners of war coax him into betraying his country.
A quaint town's Christmas is ruined by unregulated Chinese merchandise.
Epic tale of a headstrong son who turns his back on his family to receive the teachings of a child murderer.
An aging man with refined taste helps a young career woman find what she's looking for.

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