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Professor Kane's first name
Jeff's middle name, revealed in the email that got him fired
Smooth move, _____ (Pierce line)
Enjoy eating fiber and watching ______ (Troy line)
Shirley's newborn son is named
Jeff's father is called William the _____ in Advanced D&D
Troy's nickname in high school
Duncan's mother always got him these children's books
Chang tells Britta her mouth looks like a ___
Slater and Jeff compare relationships to this actor
In Physical Education, Britta suggests Abed be Jo from this show
Annie was in this support group with Alan
Andre left Shirley for a ____ (profession)
Title of Abed's film in Intro to Film
Abed's film production company
Shirley can't stop talking about this mac and cheese ingredient
Pierce was divorced this many times
Chang's brother is a ____ (profession/title)
Jeff compares Prof. Kane to this actor
Jeff's mother's name, shared by Pierce's escort
Dean Pelton claims his outfit in Intro to Political Science belongs to this person
Abed and Jeff's cereal of choice in Home Economics
Name of the psychology experiment in Social Psychology
Britta was once given a gym bag full of these
City College's Dean ____ (last name)
Nurse Jackie compares himself to this M.A.S.H. character
Cheers. M.A.S.H. ____. Game over.
Leonard changes his last name to this to court the Latino vote
Abed's bagel/baggle count
The class watches a video called God of ___ in Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples
Annie pledges to fix this problem in the student election
Name the song or artist Pierce plagiarized for his school song
Troy compares his friendship with Abed to this
Annie's alias in Mixology Certification
Shirley's boring friend Gary is from this country
Name one of hung over Abed's guesses for 'the girl in The Breakfast Club'
'BCI' in Communication Studies stands for
Lukka is from this war-torn region in Eastern Europe
Chang offers Jeff one of these from a jar in Environmental Sci.
Britta's lesbian friend (first name)
The Dead Poets professor is supposed to be teaching this subject
Name of the replacement Spanish professor in English as a Second Language
Tom Selleck fights mechanical ____
Pierce whispers this at the apex of his bounce on the trampoline
Jeff's cites this as the most important tool to mankind
Fat Neil needed to roll this number or higher to win D&D
Vicki's major
Starburns' real name (first name)
Abed's mother told him to wash this in her Christmas card
Troy has only this item in his backpack in Cooperative Calligraphy

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