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Can you name the memory pops from NBC's Community?

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Britta defends her knitting because this actress does it
Jeff tells Annie disappointing her is like choking The ___ with a bike chain
Shirley fears 'I'ma die by ____' in Debate 109
In season 3, Annie wants to pursue a career in ____ Management
This TV critic makes a background cameo in Psychology of Letting Go
Title of Vaughn's music album
Where did Britta once meet Sting?
Pierce's African 'Shangri-La' (country)
Todd from Competitive Ecology fought in this war
The group sets off to find this mythical creature in Advanced D&D
Paul F. Tompkins' character in Mixology Certification thinks this sci-fi series is better than Farscape
Britta didn't like this 2009 blockbuster movie
Troy thinks this Aladdin character was a badass
Chang babies love the sauce. Alcohol AND ___
Black Michael Chiklis and White ____ are the same person
There was a time and a place for subtlety, and that time was before ____
The black movie equivalent of Can't Buy Me Love
Josh Holloway's character in A Fistful of Paintballs
Broadway musical; five letters
Pierce doesn't think very highly of this pianist/singer-songwriter
The 'Wheel of ____' in Politics of Human Sexuality
Well well well, ____ (person)
Pierce assumes Troy is handy with a ____ in Comparative Religion
Shirley dresses as Harry Potter for Halloween but everyone thinks she's ____
Who hated Sam and Diane (from Cheers)?
Troy knew this academic subject was sexy, 'but Annie?'
The ocean of knowledge in Pierce's cult will taste like this
Female pride Annie calls the boys this in Aerodynamics of Gender
Britta spoils this movie for Troy and Abed in Custody Law and Eastern European Dimplomacy
According to Duncan, the British also call 6:30pm this
Tell the ____ Club their tears will be real today - Jeff in Modern Warefare
Nice try, ____ (person)
Dean Pelton is very offended to be called a '____ son of a bitch' by Abed in Cooperative Calligraphy
If you have to ask, you're ____
Documentaries are like real movies but with ____ people
Chang and Pierce leave to get ___ after the dance in Communication Studies
Annie loves pencils with little ___ on them
E pluribus ___
Bitter, butter, ___?
Slater is first seen teaching her Intro to Statistics class about this principle
The Beginner Pottery teacher has a No ___ policy
Dean Pelton says '____ is really hard to write about' in Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design
Garrett's weather report in the Aerodynamics of Gender tag
Troy *chooses* not to be around rats because they are ___
Shirley has a box of pregnancy tests called
Annie's apartment is above an adult store called
TV conditioned Jeff to believe all black women over 50 are a ____
A chainsaw-wielding Devil Dean screams this
Britta tells Jeff it's not illegal to be gay in the ___ Zone
Glee is the feeling you get/ When your brain finally lets/ Your heart gets into its ___

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