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LimerickWWE Legend
In a class all his own
Seventh World Title from 'Hands of Stone'
Retired by HBK
But now in TNA?
Naitch, leave the memories alone!
He's a showman like no other
When the 24 inch pythons are uncovered
The room is unglued
'Whatcha gonna do
When I hit the big leg drop, brother?'
No one could make Vince whine
Like this Rattlesnake until they'd align
Three-sixteen is his math
Then he'll take a beer bath
And of course, that's the bottom line
This legend could be most famous
Outside the ring, due to showbiz
Some lame movies he took and
We can't smell what he's cookin
'Cause it don't matter what our name is!
He was a sight to behold
Strength and drinking limit untold
The 8th Wonder's funny side
In The Princess Bride
Puts 'Marine' and 'Tooth Fairy' in a chokehold
He's the reason I became a fan
Arm dragging the fool out of the Macho Man
It was Wrestlemania 3
Where he won the IC
And in 2009 he breathed fire again
Losing his woman was sadness
Though his career's more known for badness
You'll recognize him
When you snap into a Slim Jim
Dig it! You've just tasted the madness
The Dynasty have a great tutor
You could say he's an excellent executioner
I respect what he brings
But I still prefer Sting's
Scorpion Deathlock to the Sharpshooter
His motives could be suspect
His DDT will leave you wrecked
Put Damian to rest
Because the cobra weighed less
And got him tons more respect
This man has a certain appeal
To the blue collar man he seems real
Were his plumber dad's thoughts
Of yellow polka dots?
Or just funky like a monkey, if you wheeeeel?
LimerickWWE Legend
This star was one for romance
But he paid for his ravishing stance
Interesting fit for DX
Since his gimmick was sex
And he put the Snake's wife on his pants
Face-paint and the stringy arm band
He's a flash as he'd run past a fan
He shakes the ring ropes
We all had high hopes
When he actually pinned Hulk Hogan
A coward that's good for a rhyme
A little less charm, a little more slime
If it weren't for the guitar
He wouldn't have gotten so far
As 'greatest IC champ of all time'
Sinking half-court shots with a blindfold
His flawlessness never got old
Heenan and Genius's minion
In my humble opinion
He should've won a lot more gold
Mouths off to whomever he chooses
Even cancer picks a fight and loses
He's of the toughest degree
Just ask Mr. T
That fool's still nursing his bruises
Just when you think he'll go
He'll pop up for another show
But at least what's in store
Is a shot from the 2x4
And if you love America say 'HOOOOOOO'!
From Cobb County he started to climb
Busting inmates to WWF crime
Corporation collected a bounty
Before that it was a Mountie
That he forced to serve hard time
I remember him as Heenan's client
Though years later he'd be defiant
From a '72 beginner
To an '89 Rumble winner
Still a legend, but can't slam the Giant
He provided us some chuckles
Though his back was hairier than his knuckles
Wanted Liz as his queen
But his tongue was too green
And he snacked on the turnbuckles
His career had a long course
Hall of Fame, Matador and Strike Force
Titles he'd gain
While called 'Chico' by The Brain
Who said the latin temper was his source

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