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At first he was more of a comedy bit
But now he'll just call you hypocrite
In one night, what a shock
He beat Stone Cold and The Rock
This champ won't let you forget
All it takes is one punt, he has said
And this viper will leave you for dead
At the RKO I wouldn't scoff
Because to top it all off
The man hears voices in his head
If he's the largest athlete in town
You'd think he could easily throw down
On Money Mayweather
But the little guy did better
So now he follows Miz around
When the gong sounds, start the show
The fire and druids are ready to go
With a tombstone, you'll cease
Last Ride = rest in peace
At Wrestlemania he's 18 and 0
This guy is never afraid
A good addition to the Nation he made
The World's Strongest Man
Did Mae Young birth a hand?
Wig splitter's now Mr. Kool-Aid
Some TLC made him a star
Then Money in the Bank took him far
Cashed in on John Cena
Then made out with Lita
Now he's just Rated R
Just another reality star gone petty
Until Tough Enough showed he was ready
He's too awesome for you
Morrison knows too
That he'll die before he becomes 'The Jannetty'
He's the mustard to Morrison's ketchup
Come a long way since Road Dogg's backup
He's doing his thing
When he raps to the ring
But all I can hear is 'What's Up'
His attitude started out tame
Then in DX he made a name
But after some sledgehammer bashin'
As the Cerebral Assassin
He's most bad-ass as 'The Game'
Don't write off this ginger as a label
He's clearly willing and able
He won't sit by idle
He's already had the title
By putting 'The Champ' through a table
Savior with a bald-headed crew
If you go 2 sleep, you're through
Shaved salvations for each
Who'll listen to him preach
'Straight Edge means I'm better than you'
San Diego is his abode
Despite injuries he hasn't slowed
He's masked, flying free
He'll pin you one-two-three
After he hits you with his area code
This man flies all over the room
Career is just starting to bloom
You know that he'll matter
He made freaking STILTS from a LADDER
And he likes to go 'boom boom boom'
Was a shark in the ECW tank
Then he was Money in the Bank
An All American American
But lesser Jim Duggan
And more Kurt Angle, just lank
Rose to glory within Evolution
Then gave the Game retribution
Says he's the best
Got shades like Kanye West
Violence is the Animal's solution
He entertained us for a long while
Til the Undertaker sent him out in style
His retirement he'll enjoy
If he doesn't hear 'Sexy Boy'
At least this time he has his smile
This one makes a fool
Of opponents he deems not cool
When the apple is bit
Watch out for the spit
Could be worse, he could drool
He's the cleaner Xtreme son
Though his brother has more titles won
In this twist of fate
Hope it's not too late
For him to revisit 'Version One'
It's getting harder to be clever
This guy claims he's lost never
This Scot's hardly a gentleman
He's won Intercontinental and
His entrance takes forever
His words, they create an image
But annoy a certain percentage
Of viewers on Raw
He leaves me in awe
Because his favorite word must be VINTAGE

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