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Can you name the ways to die on the TV show LOST?

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Christian Shephard
Tons of 'red-shirts' in the Pilot episode
Gary Troup
Edward Mars
Joanna Miller
Mr. Eko, Seth Norris
Dr. Leslie Arzt, Ilana
Charlie Pace, Man in the red shoes
Sabine + 8 other women
Roger Linus
George Minkowski, Charlotte Lewis
Ethan Rom, and many, many others
Goodwin Stanhope, Phil
Jason the 'Other', Nathan the 'Tailie'
Boone Carlyle
Michael Dawson and many others
Jacob & Keamy
Nikki & Paulo
Neil 'Frogurt' and many others
Anthony Cooper, Jeremy Bentham
Naomi Dorrit
Jae Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Ford
Ryan Pryce
Edmund Burke
Tricia Tanaka
Grandpa Tito Reyes
Emily Linus
Wayne Janssen
Howard L. Zukerman
Kelvin Inman

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