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act to conserve and develop indian lands/ encouraged tribal organization
based on blood quantum federal government gave land and citizenship to indians
part of the Marshall Trilogy that defined and coined 'domestic dependent status'
article VI
article II, section 2, clause 2
article I, section 8, clause 3
'one must exercise a high standard of care when managing another's assets'
the ability to exercise absolute power
caused the creation of the Indian Trust Reform Act/ pressured to fulfill fiduciary obligations
gave indians similar rights to those in the Bill of Rights
case that defined that indian tribal courts do not have the jurisdiction to hear and punish non indians
broadened Major Crimes Act from seven felonies to fourteen
gave five states criminal and civil jurisdiction in Indian lands
gave jurisdiction to federal government for seven felonies if committed in Indian lands/ came after Crow Dog murder
in the department of interior/ administers and manages federally recognized tribes
20 points Indians demanded from the federal government in 1972

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