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Nobody ever robs ________. Why not?Pumpkin|Ringo
They call it a(n) '________ With Cheese.'Vincent Vega
She starred in one of the ones that became ________.Jules Winnfield
I'd give my mother a(n) ________ ________.Jules
We got into this thing with the ________ ________.Brett
________ only hurts, it never helps.Marsellus Wallace
I ain't your friend, ________.Vincent
All of my piercings, 16 places on my body, every one of them done with a(n) ________.Jody
Did you just order a five-dollar ________?Vincent
It was a show about a team of female secret agents called '________ ________ ________.'Mia Wallace
And she knew a zillion old ________ her grandfather, an old vaudevillian, taught her.Mia
I don't think Buddy Holly is much of a waiter. Maybe we should have sat in the ________ ________ section.Vincent
Is that what you'd call a(n) ________ silence?Vincent
Are you talking to me on a(n) ________ ________?Lance
I want to know what it feels like to ________ a man.Esmarelda Villa Lobos
Any time of the day is a good time for ________.Fabian
That's how you're going to beat them, Butch. They keep ________ you.Butch Coolidge
Where did you get this ________?Fabian
This was ________ ________. You know what ________ ________ is? (same pair of words in each blank)Jules
This is the ________, Vincent. Marsellus ain't got no friendly places in the ________. (same word in each blank)Jules
It's ________ minutes away. I'll be there in ten.Winston Wolf
I said, 'A(n) ________ would be nice.'Vincent
How about you, Jimmie? You a(n) ________ man?The Wolf
I'm a ________ ________, and you got me in the red.Vincent
________. They look like a couple of ________. (same word in each blank)Jimmie Dimmick
You hear that, young lady? ________.The Wolf
A(n) ________'s got personality. Personality goes a long way.Jules
So you decided to be a ________?Vincent
Nobody's gonna hurt anybody. We're gonna be like three little ________.Jules
But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard to be the ________.Jules

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