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QUIZ: Can you name the Al Pacino movies by their contrasting reviews?

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Best Reviewed
It's a Frankenstein's monster stitched together from leftover parts. It moves in fits and starts but it has no mind of its own. (New York Times) 
Enjoyable and even exciting at the start, it degenerates into frustration and tedium toward nightfall (Chicago Reader) 
It is too much an adaptation of a magazine article slowed to the pace of a film (rec.arts.movies) 
Despite the colorful and witty utterances of its characters, it feels artificial and rarefied (Washington Post) 
You see Robin Williams and psycho killer, and you think, hmmmmm. You see the movie and you think, zzzzzzzzz (Washington Post) 
Pacino seems at times more like a misplaced hippy than a plainclothes cop (Time Out) 
Viewed today, while it seems less shocking than it did during its initial theatrical run, it's no more substantive or interesting (ReelViews) 
An irascible bully who proves to have a heart of gold, Pacino's character seems manufactured by a computer programmed with box-office grosses (Chicago Reader) 
So little feels at stake emotionally that anyone intending to care about these characters would be well advised to simply fhuggedaboudit (Los Angeles Times) 
As it progresses, its sensational looks pale beside storytelling weaknesses that expose the more soulless aspects of this cat-and-mouse crime tale (New York Times) 
Worst Reviewed
The premise gets annoying after awhile, but that is when Pacino shows up to make things interesting (MediaMikes) 
An enjoyable thriller for those who don't worry about plots (Nolan's Pop Culture Review) 
All things considered, and in spite of nearly every potential cinematic pitfall you can think of, the film delivers a satisfying, endearing romance (Film Journal International) 
Curiosity alone should lead you to this one (Film4) 
There's a real flavor to the subway-platform offices, cramped projects and rooftop sanctuaries captured here (New York Daily News) 
The sheer satisfaction of watching Michael Corleone and Travis Bickle spark off each other almost mitigates the utter hokum that permeates every other element of the film ( 
It really works as a study of gambling (**** & Roeper) 
A brilliantly unusual love story, told in a European fashion which makes the Sydney Pollack film at first irritating, then intriguing (Variety) 
It's just fun to watch Pacino, Walken and Arkin work together, very much enjoying the shared experience (Toronto Star) 
Al Pacino gives a touching performance as a dying old man in this sensitive little film (Fantastica Daily) 

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