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First of all, 'Pop Pop!' Now, this is the protagonist, a disbarred lawyer...
...who tried to impress her by starting a study group...
...who took an acting class with...
...who had a pet named...
...who is named after...
...who kisses him while covered in paint...
...who loves this Tarantino film...
...which inspired him to dress as a gimp...
...who breaks his legs on...
...which was first discovered by...
...who ordered this on his 21st birthday...
...which is called a 'high school drink for girls' by...
...who makes up this class...
...which is taught by...
...who scraped his car...
...whose fifth dance in season 1 is called...
...who had her as a candidate for tranny queen...
...who confessed her love for Jeff in response to this woman...
...who teaches...
...whose introduction in season 1 coincided with this holiday...
Rapid Fire Costume Quiz! Type 'Season 1'!
Well Done! Type 'Season 2'
Troy, Part 1
Troy, Part 2
Dean Pelton
Who was Pistol Patty?
Who stole Annie's pen?
Who sponsored Greendale's space simulator?
Who cheated on the Spanish test?
Religion Rapid Fire! Type 'Go'
Well Done! Who won paintball part 1?
Who won paintball part 2?
What condition does Pierce suffer from while in the space simulator?
Names of D&D Characters. Annie
Well done! Name one of the four people that make up Jeff according to Abed?
Finally one question from each episode! Type 'Race to the finish'
Pilot: 1) What does Troy call Jeff? and/or 2) What does Troy call Abed?
Spanish 101: Name one prop from Jeff and Pierce's Spanish presentation.
Introduction to Film: What film is Professor Whitman emulating?
Social Psychology: What does Annie get for Abed as an apology?
Advanced Criminal Law: Who is one of Greendale's distinguished alumni, immortalized in a statue?
Football Feminism and You: What are the extremes on the human color wheel?
Introduction to Statistics: What type of party is Annie throwing?
Home Economics: What are the two ingredients of Abed's 'Special Drink'?
Debate 109: What Electric Light Orchestra song did Jeff use in his debate?
Environmental Science: What does the dean want to change the school's name to in honor of Green Week?
Politics of Human Sexuality: What does Jeff's fortune cookie say, as written by Annie?
Comparative Religion: When Shirley has a serious discussion with her boys, what helps them relax?
Investigative Journalism: What does Abed do when Jeff calls him Radar?
Interpretive Dance: What type of dance classes are Britta and Troy taking?
Romantic Expressionism: Who ate all the macaroni?
Communication Studies: What is one of three things Jeff offers an extremely hungover Britta?
Physical Education: What is white Abed's name?
Basic Genalogy: What are Shirley's kids' names?
Beginner Pottery: Where is Rich from?
The Science of Illusion: Pierce ends up resembling a wizard from what popular cereal?
Contemporary American Poultry: What food does Annie's Boobs hate?
The Art of Discourse: What is City College's mascot?
Modern Warfare: Who is the first person Jeff encounters after his nap?
English as a Second Language: What instrument does Chang play?
Pascal's Triangle Revisited: Vaughn gets recruited to a school in what state?
Anthropology 101: What actor's impersonator does Abed hire as Jeff's best man?
Accounting for Lawyers: What event is the dean planning to celebrate German history?
The Psychology of Letting Go: What two characters are raising funds for the oil spill?
Basic Rocket Science: What is the motto on the new Greendale school flag?
Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples: What director does the dean love and Shirley hate?
Epidemiology: Who is the first student infected with the 'zombie toxin'?
Aerodynamics of Gender: What is the name of the racist keeper of the Secret Trampoline?
Cooperative Calligraphy: What does Shirley have in her comically oversized bag that she wants to keep secret?
Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design: What parade is going on in the blanket fort during the chase scene?
Mixology Certification: Annie's drink order evolves from water to root beer to this alcoholic beverage.
Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas: Planet Abed's atmosphere is 7% what?
Asian Population Studies: Name one of the three items offered at the study group's mixer.
Celebrity Pharmacology: What 'marital aid' store does Annie live above?
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: What is the name of the dragon in this episode?
Early 21st Century Romanticism: What was in Abed and Troy's briefcase?
Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking: What did Pierce bequeath unto Annie
Intro to Political Science: Jeff auditioned for The Real World in which US city?
Custody Law & Eastern European Diplomacy: What does Britta incorrectly call Kickpuncher?
Critical Film Studies: What gift did Troy give to Abed for his birthday?
Competitive Wine Tasting: Annie dropped the class on how to write jokes after the lesson on what?
Paradigms of Human Memory: The two romantic montages in this episode are both set to what Sara Bareilles song?
Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts: A reporter from what periodical is visiting Greendale?
A Fistful of Paintballs: The Black Rider nicknames Annie what?
For a Few Paintballs More: How many years has Pierce attended Greendale?
Who's your favorite character?

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