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Real NameRing Name
Steve Lombardi
Harry Fujiwara
Richard Blood
Roderick Toombs
Anthony White
Vincent Furnier
Scott Bigelow
Michael Smith
Juanita Wright
Tom Billington
Jesse Barr
David Smith
Ken Johnson
Sherry Russell
Terry Bollea
Jim Morris
Michael Hickenbottom
Brian Wickens
James Janos
Terry Szopinski
Bill Eadie
Ray Traylor
George Gray
Josip Peruzovic
Virgil Runnels, Jr.
Ronald Heard
Paul Centopani
Andre Roussimoff
John Tenta
Real NameRing Name
James Ware
Paul Taylor
Pierre Clemont
Christopher Pallies
Shigeri Akabane
Raymond Kessler
Merced Solis
Richard Vignault
Craig Minervini
Wayne Ferris
Robert Marella
Allen Coage
Bruce Prichard
Aurelian Smith, Jr.
Robert Miller
Roger Barnes
Sionne Valahai
Khosrow Vaziri
Patricia Schroeder
Robin Smith
Uliulu Fifita
Robert Bedard
Eric Tovey
Randy Poffo
Mike Jones
Bob Remus
Sylvester Ritter
Samuel Fatu
James Harris
Real NameRing Name
Richard Rood
James Manley
Keith Franke
William Myers
Sika Anoai
William Haynes, Jr.
Stan Frazier
James Reiher, Sr.
Tom Lister
Lillian Ellison
Adolfo Bresciano
Jim Barrell
Josef Bednarski
John Sullivan
Lionel Giroux
John Minton
Ed Leslie
Martin Lunde
Ray Fernandez
Jim Hellwig
Judy Hardee
Larry Latham
Dan Marsh
John Wisniski, Jr.
Elizabeth Hulette
Arthur Anoai, Sr.
Curt Hennig
Laurence Tureaud

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