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Can you identify which characters from The Wire said each of these quotations? The first letter of each name will reveal a hidden phrase!

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'Maybe you win a Pulitzer with this stuff, and maybe you gotta give it back.'
'You're just a weak-a** mayor of a broke-a** city.'
'So one thieving politician trumps 22 dead bodies. Good to know.'
'I see a man without a country. Not hard enough for this right here. And maybe, just maybe, not smart enough for them out there.'
'He is vandalizing the board. He is vandalizing this unit. He is a Hun, a Visigoth, a barbarian at the gate, clamoring for noble Roman blood and what's left of our clearance rate.'
'You look good, girl.'
'Maybe the whole thing is over and nobody bothered to tell us. Maybe we won.'
'You call something a war and pretty soon everybody gonna be running around acting like warriors.'
'You can't even call this sh*t a war... Wars end.'
'Making robberies into larcenies, making rapes disappear. You juke the stats enough and majors become colonels.'
'So you're gonna snap my picture…and they give me money which you guys keep and I get nothing.'
'I can care about you, and I can want us to be friends. And if you give me enough time, Jimmy, maybe I will... want you to be happy. But how the hell am I supposed to trust you?'
'I'll take any m*******er's money if he giving it away!'
'You know what we use the polygraph for? Leverage. To get them in here and f**k with them.'
'Let us pray. Here we lay a couple New York boys who came too far south for their own f***in' good.'
'I caught him, Bunk. On the wire, I caught him. And he doesn't f***ing know it.'
'He's right. You don't evacuate people… Never mind.'
'I will kick his a**. But the next morning, I still wake up white in a city that ain't.'
'And, of course, I'm not even Greek.'
'It's Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods will not save you.'
'This game is beyond the f***in' game.'
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