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Can you answer trivia questions about The Martian? The first letter of each answer will reveal a hidden phrase!

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The main character's role on the team, other than botanist.
The team's chemist's first name: _____ Vogel
The main character has to _____ his available food, in order to survive.
The last name of NASA's director of Mars operations: Venkat _____
What the main character decides to call the area between Trouvelot, Becquerel, and Marth Craters.
The name of the Mars missions (of which this one was the third).
The first name of the administrator of NASA: _____ Sanders
The gas the main character measures in his air, other than oxygen and hydrogen.
The main character makes water by using an extremely ______ reaction using hydrazine.
The main character estimates he needs to find a way to stay alive for four _____ to be rescued.
The name given to the first rover test drives (labeled I-IV).
The unit that the main character invents to equal one kilowatt hour per sol.
The vehicle that finally gets the main character off the surface of Mars: Mars _____ Vehicle
The main character's alma mater: University of _________
The type of space suit the main character uses outside of the Hab.
The probe that allows the main character to communicate with NASA.
The superhero the main character wants to imitate near the end of the story.
'_________ is a steely-eyed missile man.'
The character code the main character uses to communicate with NASA early on.
The holiday that saves the main character's life.
The main character really, really wants to return to this planet.
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