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If you were from the bizarro world, you'd go here for coffee in Seinfeld
Garth meets his dream girl here in Wayne's World
Kramer saw Joe DiMaggio 'dunk' at this location in Seinfeld
Elaine lives in a janitor's closet to get flounder from this restaurant
The gang meet back here after their summer at the beach in American Pie 2
Abe Froman eats here in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Brian wears 37 pieces of flair here in Office Space
Roseanne works at this mall eatery in Roseanne
Place where Brad works in Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Hawaiian joint from Pulp Fiction
Theo and Cockroach are asked to leave this burger joint for making fun of the cashier in The Cosby Show
Akeem and Semi thrwart a robber at this fast food place in Coming to America
Roseanne and Jackie open up this restaurant in Roseanne
After the Quik Stop burns, Dante and Randall find employment here in Clerks 2
Mr. Fabulous is the Maitre d' here in Blues Brothers
Zack and Slater get into a fight at this after school hangout in saved by the Bell
Elaine gets her boyfriend blackballed for naming names at this Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld
Steinbrenner cant get enough of the calzones from this place in Seinfeld
Lester catches his wife cheating on him while working the window at this restaurant in American Beauty
Sandwich place where Elaine wins a free sub
Roger, Rerun and Dwayne hang out at this burger place in What's Happening
Spongebob loves the food from this underwater restaurant
Marty Jr. meets Griff here in Back to the Future 2
Where Farva goes for mozzarella sticks in Super Troopers
Calvin gets a job here in an episode of The Chapelle Show
Foreman and the gang frequent this burger place in That 70's Show
Monica, Chandler and the gang cant get enough coffee here in Friends
Bar and restaurant where Jack and Larry go to pick up ladies
Diner from Happy Days
Where Buzz and Woody get lost in Toy Story
Jerry hides from Joe Divola here in Seinfeld
Monica's Restaurant on Friends
Flo owns this 60's style restaurant in Cars
Brandon, Dylan and the gang meet here after school in Beverly Hills 90210
Napoleon enjoys some ice cream here in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

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