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Favorite current basketball player
Favorite running back of all time
Favorite quarterback of all time
Whos my favorite serious actor
Whats my favorite movie
Favorite basketball legend
Favorite current baseball player
Favorite pitcher of all time
Whats my middle name
Favorite food
Favorite drink
Favorite video game of all time
Does my beard look good
Where was I born
Which state do I want to move to when I retire
Whats my favorite duck
Who is undoubtedly the rookie of the year this year
Second favorite NBA team
If I got to destroy one country what would it be?
Favorite super smash bros brawl character
Best friend back home (does not go to LAX)
Favorite football team when I was a kid
Favorite band
Favorite rapper
Best rock band from the 2000's
What was the second largest city when the United States was formed into a country
When did the Ottoman Empire Fall (event)
What was the first war the United States lost
When was the constitution signed
Who are the council of the United Nations
In the compound Na3PO4. What is the charge of each Sodium ion? Phosphate?
Who discovered genetics
Who discovered the theory of relativty
Who wrote Jane Eyre
What river was Shakespeare born near
Who is the all time scoring leader
Who was the bucks first round draft pick this year
If I got to pick any ballpark to visit other than Miller Park which one would I pick?
Favorite college other than Wisconsin
Least favorite baseball franchise
Least favorite basketball franchise
Least favorite football franchise
Funniest basketball player name
Favorite brand of cereal
Funniest Eddie Murphy movie
Funniest Adam Sandler movie
Favorite Soup
Favorite pizza joint
Favorite beer
Whats the worst genre of music

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