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Hitler came to power in the year______.
The British Prime Minister primarily assosciated with the appeasement of Hitler.
Leader of the Free French in exile.
French puppet government.
Leader of Vichy Government.
Nazi Propaganda Minister
German Airforce
Head of German Airforce
German Secret Police
Head of the SS
Extermination of Europe's Jews, Gypsies, and other 'undesirables'
Notorious German death/concentration camp
After the invasion of what country by Germany did the Western Allies declare war?
The swift land invasion of Poland/ France by Germany was known as_____.
First Battle that Germany 'lost'
Allied soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated from what French port city?
British Prime Minister during the War
American President for most of the War
American president who made the decision to drop the two atomomic bombs on Japan
Name of the project developing the two atomic bombs
Name of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
Name of atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
Name of Japanese Emperor during the War
Japanese Prime Minister during War
The US port of _______ was attacked by the Japanese, bringing the US into the War
The battle of ______ was a major tuning point in the Pacific Theater in favor of the US
What famous US general said 'I shall return?'
Japanese Suicide bomber aircraft
One of the two famous islands on which the US was fighting before the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan
Famous atrocity committed by the Japanese against the remaining US forces in the Philippines after the departure of MacArthur
Famous US battleship sunk at Pearl Harbor
Italian Leader during the War
Italian leader's political party
The group of 'thugs' that helped Hitler to power
Hitler's published book
Hitler believed the _____ race to be superior to all others
German African Army
Famous German commander in North Africa
Nickname of said commander given by the Allies
Germany, Japan and Italy were referred to as the ____ powers
England (UK), the US, the Free French and the USSR were referred to as the _______ powers
Leader of the Soviet Union during the War
Famous British Commander in North Africa
Famous US General who believed it was his destiny to face off in battle with Rommel
Supreme Allied Commander in the War
Famous British Victory in which the Afrika Korps was defeated
The Allies landed paratroops on which Italian island?
The Famous Allied cross-channel invasion of Hitler's Atlantic Wall
What famous landing beach was given the nickname 'Bloody ____'
What US divisions assaulted this beach on D-Day?
Other US Landing Beach
The Germans thought the invasion would come at what site in France?
Which US airborne division was dropped above the Contentin Peninsula on th early hours of D-Day?
What German Commander believed that the inevitable Normany invasion would have to be stopped by a swift counter-attack shortly following the amphibious landing?
Name of German Army
Stalin's army
Famous German invasion of the Soviet Union?
The famous turning point in the Eastern Front took place at what city?
The Russian city of _____ held off Germany in a notorious seige that lasted from September 1941 to January 1943.
The Final German Offensive against the Western Allies is known as The Battle of the _____.
German armored divisions were known as _____ divisions
During the War, which country implemented the first successful jet plane?
During the Battle of the Bulge, members of the German 1st SS Panzer division commited the _____ Massacre
A famous Japanese atrocity was committed at the Chinese city of _______.
US soldier awarded 33 medals for his service in the War
What airborne operation devised by Bernard Montgomery resulted in a slaughter of Allied paratroopers in Holland?
What German city was famously firebombed by the Allies?
What Nazi general was known to be a morphine addict?
Country that Suffered the most casualties in the War?
What trials convicted Nazi war criminals?
George S. Patton commanded the __ Army during the Battle of the Bulge?
The German SS stood for ______.
What invention allowed the British to see German air formations above the English Channel?
Failed Allied landing on the coast of France
The War ended in the year _____.

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