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Can you name the God of War Alphabet?

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Forced Order
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A: The God you kill in the end.
B: The enemy that our hero acquires a large hammer from.
C: The titan that swallowed his children.
D: A God of wine that has yet to be seen in the series.
E: The gorgon who is fought in the second game.
F: There are 3 sisters of this.
G: The item that allows you to deflect attacks in the second game.
H: After being killed, you enter this God's domain.
I: Our hero rips off this mans wings before he falls onto Atlas.
J: The hero that possessed a magical item, but was then eaten by the Mole Cerberus.
K: Really, do you need a hint for K?
L: The first sister of fate that is met.
M: The gorgon who is fought in the first game
N: The Ghost of Sparta could receive gifts for kissing these girls, found underwater in Poseidons Challenge
O: A character who guides our hero after he saves her from falling.
P: What is hidden a top of the Titan who must forever wander the desert.
Q:You get a freebie here.....
R: The Colossus of ____
S: These singing monsters are hunted down in the Desert of Lost Souls.
T: The bow acquired in the second game was retrieved from this Titan.
U: There were six of these collectibles to be found in the second game.
V: This animal throws corpses into the Body Burners fire.
W: The protagonist accidentally killed his child and _____.
X: Another freebie....
Y:And another one?!?!
Z: The king of Gods.

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