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Can you name the WWF/E World Tag Team Champs by Finisher?

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Finishing MoveTag Team
The Golden Spike/Big Boot
Gotch Piledriver/Cloverleaf Leg Laced Boston Crab
Big Splash
Tomahawk Chop/Indian Deathlock
Cobra Clutch/Kamikaze Clothesline
Diving Crossbody/Big Splash
Diving Crossbody/Full Nelson
Flying Elbow/Sleeper
Airplane Spin/The Cannonball
The Claw/Brainbuster/Lariat
Italian Cannonball/Figure Four Leglock
Tomahawk Chop/Indian Deathlock
Airplane Spin/Sidewalk Slam
Superplex/Cobra Clutch
Diving Crossbody/LarryLand Dreamer
Polish Hammer/El Paso de la Muerte
Samoan Drop/Double Headbutt
Crossface Chickenwing/Boston Crab/Caribbean Cannonball
Diving Crossbody/Boston Crab/Slingshot Splash
Backbreaker Hold - Diving Elbow Drop Combination
Kamikaze Clothesline/Saito Suplex
Tomahawk Chop/Powerbomb
Bearhug/Military Press Slam/Johnson Shuffle
Goodnight Irene/Brainbuster
Airplane Spin/Lariat/Superplex
Camel Clutch/Russian Sickle
Sleeper Hold/Figure Four Leglock
Gorilla Press and Diving Headbutt/Fireman's Carry and Super Diving Headbutt
Hart Attack
Boston Crab/El Paso de al Muerte
Demolition Decapitation
Spike Piledriver
Crescent Kick/Elbow Drop
Trip to Nastyville/Double DDT
Doomsday Device
Double Back Elbow Strike
Earthquake Splash/Tidal Wave
Finishing MoveTag Team
Steinerizer/Steiner DDT/Steiner Device
Flip, Flop and a Fly/Quebecer Crash
1-2-3 Kick/Rocker Driver
Double Dropkick/Stacked Big Splash
Double Diving Headbutt
Jackknife Powerbomb/Sweet Chin Music
1-2-3 Kick/Alabama Slam
Enzuigiri Kick/Banzai Drop
Frankensteiner/Sit Down Splash off the Top
Double Slop Drop
Sharpshooter/Running Powerslam
Stone Cold Stunner/Sweet Chin Music
Stone Cold Stunner/Mandible Claw
Mosh Pit/The Stage Dive
Outlaw Driver
Mandible Claw/Piledriver
Chokeslam/Mandible Claw
Stone Cold Stunner/Tombstone Piledriver
Boss Man Slam/Ankle Lock
Moonsault/The Stroke
Aided Powerbomb
Event Omega/Omega Event
Chokeslam/Tombstone Piledriver
Double People's Elbow
Crash Course/Alabama Slam
Mandible Claw/Snow Plow
3D/Dudley Death Drop
Hip Hop Drop/Aided Sit-Out Powerbomb
Scissors Kick/Pimp Drop
Rock Bottom/Tombstone Piledriver
Double Chokeslam/Double Tombstone Piledriver
Stone Cold Stunner/Pedigree
Crippler Crossface/Walls of Jericho
Belly to Back Suplex - Neckbreaker Combination
Rock Bottom/Walls of Jericho
Finishing MoveTag Team
Scissors Kick/Test Grade
Tazzmission/Dudley Dog
Code Red
High Hard One/Rump Shaker
Spear/Atomic Legdrop
Impaler/Canadian Maple Leaf
Unprettier/Walls of Jericho
Scissors Kick/Curtain Call
Regal Stretch/Canadian Maple Leaf
Money Shot/Canadian Maple Leaf
Chokeslam/Five-Star Frog Splash
Bonsoir/Au Revoir
Figure Four Leglock/Batista Bomb
Scissors Kick/Five-Star Frog Splash
Crippler Crossface/Spear
Regal Stretch/Stunner/Rock Bottom/Pedigree
Regal Stretch/Buzzsaw Kick
Superhero Splash
Sweet and Sour
Double Chokeslam
High Spirits
Figure Four Leglock/Sleeper Hold
Double RKO
Attitude Adjustment/Sweet Chin Music
Get Well Soon/Tower of London
Alabama Slam/Cross Rhodes
Dream Street/Cross Rhodes
Batista Bomb/Attitude Adjustment
Go To Sleep/Trouble in Paradise
Double Belly to Back Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Double Gutbuster/Double Spinebuster
Spear/Walls of Jericho
Walls of Jericho/Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch/Skull-Crushing Finale
Hart Attack

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