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Can you name the WWE Tag Team Champions by Finishing Move?

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Finishing MoveTag Team
Angle Slam/Crippler Crossface
Bombs Away/619 - Spear Combination
Frog Splash/Gory Bomb
Inverted Atomic Drop - Superkick Combination/Superkick - Bridging German Suplex Combination
Frog Splash/Buzzsaw Kick
Ball and Gag/Double Brain Damage
The Worm/Rikishi Driver
Haas of Pain/Rico Kick
3D/Dudley Death Drop
Shooting Star Press/450 Splash
Loire Valley Driver/Rising Sun
619 - Five Star Frog Splash Combination
Frog Splash/619
Doomsday Device
Batista Bomb/619
Get Well Soon/Tower of London
Crack 'em in da Mouth/West Side Stomp
Twist of Fate/Playmaker
Double Belly to Back Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Double Gutbuster/Double Spinebuster
STO - Russian Legsweep Combination
Spear/Walls of Jericho
Walls of Jericho/Knockout Punch
Finishing MoveTag Team
Knockout Punch/Skull-Crushing Finale
Hart Attack
Future Shock/Cross Rhodes
Attitude Adjustment/The Verdict
Sweetness/450 Splash
The Cobra/The Iron Curtain
Attitude Adjustment/Skull-Crushing Finale
Double Chokeslam
The Verdict/McGillicutter
Air Bourne/Trouble in Paradise
Trouble in Paradise/Little Jimmy
Chokeslam - Diving Headbutt Combination
Argentine Backbreaker Rack - Diving Knee Drop Combination
Final Cut/Dark Matter
Spike Piledriver
Double Superfly Splash
Skull-Crushing Finale/Skull-Crushing Finale
Midnight Hour
Ghetto Blaster
Smash Hit/Gore (Smackdown Championship)
Sister Abigail/RKO (Smackdown Championship)
Brogue Kick/The Neutralizer (RAW Championship)
Magic Killer (RAW Championship)

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