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Can you name the TNA X-Division Champions by Finisher?

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Finishing MoveWrestler
Styles Clash
Warrior's Way/Ki Krusher/Dragon Clutch
Cradle Piledriver
Siakalypse/Siakalypse Now
Dead Level/Money Maker
Code Red/Infrared/Red Eye/Red Star Press/718
Cradle Shock
Sweet Shane Music/Picture Perfect Elbow/Fisherman DDT
Back to the Future/Flux Capacitor/Wave of the Future
Canadian Destroyer
Angel's Wings/BME/Last Rites
Coquina Clutch/Muscle Buster/Island Driver
Lethal Combination/Lethal Injection/Diving Dynamite
Ankle Lock/Angle Slam
Devine Driller/Devine Driver/Devine Intervention/Five-Star Moonsault
WMD/WMD Driver
Spike Piledriver/Showstopper/Youngblood Neckbreaker
WA4/Sliced Bread#2/Shellshock/Border City Stretch
DOA/Suicide Solution
Finishing MoveWrestler
Da Gringo Killa/187
Chaos Theory/Bombs Away/Revolution DDT
FTD/Shore Thing
Black Hole Slam/Shock Treatment
Sliced Bread #2
Horns of Aries/450 Splash/Brainbuster
From Lust to Dust/Bible Black/Filipino Destroyer/Gory Bomb
Five-Star Frog Splash
Royal Flush/Coronation
Elevated Double Chickenwing Gutbuster
This Is It
Five Stone Spud Splash/Satellite DDT/The Underdog
Sabertooth Splash
Orange Crush/Small Package Driver
Die Hard/Die Hard Driver
Divine Intervention/Piledriver
Spear/Dominator/Anaconda Vice
Hindu Press/Moonstomp/Sonjay Cutter
Aftershock/Air Sydal/Cyclorama/Double Helix/Here It Is Driver

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