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Can you name the TNA Heavyweight Champions by Finisher?

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Finishing MoveWrestler
Ankle Lock
Corkscrew Scissors Kick/Lie Detector
The Stroke
Styles Clash
Even Flow DDT
Scorpion Death Drop/Scorpion Deathlock
Black Hole Slam/Shock Treatment
Ankle Lock/Angle Slam
Coquina Clutch/Muscle Buster/Island Driver
Mandible Claw
Five-Star Frog Splash
Swanton Bomb
The Mic Check/Green Bay Plunge
Finishing MoveWrestler
Eye of the Storm/Eight Second Ride/Last Call
Arm Tap Crossface/Pay-Off/Spear
Last Chancery/Brainbuster/450 Splash
Bully Bomb/Cutter
All Hail Sabin/Cradle Shock
King's Lynn Cloverleaf/Mag Daddy Driver/Tormentum
Youngblood Neckbreaker
One Percenter
Twist of Fate/Ice Pick
Future Shock/Claymore
Achilles Lock/Boston Knee Party/Die Hard/Die Hard Driver
Rompe Destinos
Gravy Train/Blunt Force Trauma/Bottom Rung
Lanza/Fear Factor/Pentagon Driver

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