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Can you name the TNA Tag Team Champions by Finishing Move?

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Finishing MoveTag Team
Styles Clash/Cradle Piledriver
Death Sentence
Cancellation/Slash and Burn
Cradle Piledriver/Code Red
Problem Solver
Pumphandle Falling Powerslam/Corkscrew Scissors Kick/Tequila Sunrise
Northcutt Driver/Rolling Cutter
Styles Clash/Black Hole Slam
Dead Level/Blackout
'Lo Down/Fondo del Abismo
Candido's Way/Natural Disaster
Catatonic/Play of the Day
Angel's Wings/Eye of the Storm
Northern Lariat/Youngblood Neckbreaker
Best Moonsault Ever-Frog Splash Combination
5150/Street Sweeper
3D/Dudley Death Drop
Coquina Clutch/Island Driver/Muscle Buster
Ankle Lock/Angle Slam
Ankle Lock/Scorpion Death Drop
None/Corkscrew Scissors Kick/CreeDDT
Finishing MoveTag Team
Youngblood Neckbreaker/Back to the Future
DWI/Driving While Investing
Bearhug-Jumping Calf Kick Combination/Double Chokeslam
Bearhug-Diving European Uppercut Combination
Border Toss/Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint/Hellevator
Jackknife Powerbomb/Youngblood Neckbreaker/Outsider's Edge
ASCS Rush/Skull and Bones
Border Toss/Chicano U-Turn
Carbon Footprint/Red Alert
Snapmare-Diving Elbow Drop Combination
Lariat-Chop Block Combination
Styles Clash/Ankle Lock
Gory Bomb/Border Toss
Last Chancery/Pay Off
Last Call/Gun Rack
Bro Down
Force of Nature/Elevated Cutter/Superkick-German Suplex Combination
Black Hole Slam/Last Call
Event Omega/Omega Event/Extreme Combination
Orange Crush/Heat Seeking Elbow
Black Hole Slam/Centralizer
The All Seeing Eye

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