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Can you name the Taylor Swift songs,awards and more?

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'He wore a dark gray T-shirt...' is from which song?
'That passenger seat has never looked as good to me' is from what song?
'I wanna ask you to dance' is from what song?
'Stare right into mine.' is from what song?
'Revolution' is from which song?
'I didn't like that big old pickup truck' is from which song?
What song did Taylor Swift preform at the Hope for Haiti event?
What song did Taylor Swift play by herself at the Grammys?
What song did she create that is dedicated to an artist?
What Def Leppard song did Taylor Swift sing?
What other Def Leppard song did Taylor Swift Sing?
What is Taylor Swift's record label?
What was Taylor Swift's First Album?
What was Taylor Swift's Second Album (technically an EP) ?
What was Taylor Swift's Third Album?
What was Taylor Swift's Most Recent Album (Technically not an album)?
After Taylor Swift left the Grammys where did she go?
What was a Taylor Swift EP that was released in 2008?
What Grammy did Taylor Swift's Album 'Fearless,' win and get the most flak over?
What two Grammys did Taylor Swift's song, 'White Horse,' was named:
What song of Rihanna's did Taylor Swift play?
When did Taylor Swift remodel her website?
Evan Tubenfield dedicated a song to Taylor Swift. What was the name of that song?
Taylor Swift grew up on a:
What is Taylor Swift's twitter?
Where was Taylor Swift born?

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