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Can you name which of these Oscar nominated actors have actually won an Oscar? Write Y for Yes and N for No.

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ActorYes or No
Meryl Streep
Ralph Fiennes
Denzel Washington
Daniel Day-Lewis
Christoph Waltz
Benedict Cumberbatch
Robin Williams
Al Pacino
George Clooney
Hugh Jackman
Christopher Walken
Liam Neeson
Woody Harrelson
Keira Knightley
Kevin Spacey
Marion Cotillard
Christian Bale
Johnny Depp
Michael Fassbender
Russell Crowe
John Lithgow
James Franco
ActorYes or No
Michael Clarke Duncan
Cate Blanchett
Mark Ruffalo
Tommy Lee Jones
Amy Adams
Uma Thurman
Jonah Hill
Danny DeVito
Matthew McConaughey
Heath Ledger
J.K. Simmons
Ian McKellen
Jude Law
Gary Oldman
Jesse Eisenberg
Joaquin Phoenix
Will Smith
Julia Roberts
Julianne Moore
Bradley Cooper
Benicio Del Toro
Michael Keaton
ActorYes or No
Matt Damon
Sandra Bullock
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jamie Foxx
Helena Bonham Carter
Ben Affleck
John Travolta
Javier Bardem
Mark Wahlberg
Laurence Fishburne
Alan Arkin
Charlize Theron
Jack Nicholson
Anne Hathaway
Edward Norton
Jared Leto
Ed Harris
Robert Duvall
Reese Witherspoon
Brad Pitt
Samuel L. Jackson

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