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Can you name these How I Met Your Mother statistics correctly?

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Barney claims that _____ (percentage) of people who are married for at least 6 months are seeing someone on the side.S2E3: Brunch
Barney says that the sum of all ages of the participants in 'the tricycle' must be under ____ years.S3E3: Third Wheel
Barney claims The Great Dude Shortage was in the year ______.S3E12: No Tomorrow
Barney claims it takes a woman ____ (decimal) seconds to decide if she will sleep with someone from the moment she sees them.S3E13: Ten Sessions
Barney claims he has lost _____ (percentage) of his vision while hitting on a girl.S3E14: The Bracket
Barney says he is ____ years old while disguised as an old man.S4E4: Intervention
The number ____ shows up multiple times in Barney's equations when he is figuring out how to get Robin in bed again.S4E5: Shelter Island
Barney's 200th sex partner-to-be, Petra Petrova, is shown in Bros Life Magazine on page ____.S4E22: Right Place, Right Time
Barney says that he and Robin have slept in ____ and a half beds.S5E6: Bagpipes
The final rule that Barney gives for Marshall and Lily's baby is Rule #____.S5E22: Robots vs. Wrestlers
Barney claims there is an _____ (percentage) correlation between the time men wear boutonnières and the times they get laid.S6E9: Glitter
It is revealed that the last time Barney saw his father was in the year ______.S6E21: Hopeless
Barney is about to sleep with his 2___rd woman until Marshall interferes.S6E22: The Perfect Cocktail
Barney brags that he has an _____ (percentage) success rate with women.S7E1: The Best Man
Barney says that _____ (percentage) of college students need sex lessons.S7E5: Field Trip
Barney gives ____ points to Ted for slapping five with Tommy Lee while they argue about Barney's point system.S7E21: Now We're Even
Barney claims that his success rate in online dating is _____ (percentage).S7E22: Good Crazy

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