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Can you pick the actors by their character in movies?

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Dom Cobb, Billy Costigan, Jack Dawson
John Bennett, Det. Sgt. Dignam, Charlie Croker
Jack Torrance, R.P. McMurphy, Frank Costello
Brian O'Connor, Damien Collier, Nolan Hayes
Jim Gordon, Sirius Black, Stansfield
Jor-El, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Javert
Tony Montana, Michael Corleone, Lt. Vincent Hanna
Jason Bourne, Colin Sullivan, Linus Caldwell
Erik Lehnsherr, Gandalf, Gabriel Finch
Bruce Wayne, Raymond Sellars, Riggan
Robert Langdon, Chuck Noland, Cpt. Miller
Aldo the Apache, Mr. Smith, Tyler Durden
Patrick Bateman, Alfred Borden, Irving Rosenfeld
J, Del Spooner, John Hancock
Cutter, Miles, Arthur
Dr. King Schultz, Col. SS Hans Landa, Alan Cowan
Jules Winnfield, Stephen, Valentine
Robert Angier, Logan, Charlie Kenton
Hank Palmer, Kirk Lazarus, Peter Highman
Bruce Banner, Steve, The Narrator
Will Turner, Legolas Greenleaf, Duke of Buckingham
Oskar Schindler, Henri Ducard, Bryan Mills

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