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Can you name the performers banned from Saturday Night Live?

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Rambling and incoherent during show, locked herself in her dressing roomSeason 1, Episode 23 (1976)
Poor performance; he missed rehearsal and ad-libbed during showSeason 3, Episode 4 (1977)
Changed song at last minute to one he was requested to not play *Season 3, Episode 8 (1977)
Tension with the cast, he obviously read cue cards and mugged for cameraSeason 4, Episode 3 (1978)
Improvised, mugged for camera; he overacted in vaudeville styleSeason 4, Episode 17 (1979)
On-air profanity, damaged studio with slam dancers they brought inSeason 7, Episode 4 (1981)
Mistreated cast; he threw crumpled script in cast member's faceSeason 8, Episode 6 (1982)
Banned from show by audience phone-in voteSeason 8, Episode 7 (1982)
Mistreated cast; he suggested an AIDS sketch to openly gay cast member **Season 11, Episode 2 (1985)
On-air profanity, they were drunk during performanceSeason 11, Episode 7 (1986)
Very difficult to work with, not funny; he suggested terrible sketchesSeason 16, Episode 18 (1991)
Tore photograph of Pope John Paul II on airSeason 18, Episode 2 (1992)
Smoked marijuana on air, damaged their instrumentsSeason 19, Episode 2 (1993)
Profane monologue involving female genitaliaSeason 19, Episode 14 (1994)
Improvised introduction to musical guestSeason 28, Episode 19 (2003)

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