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Can you name the igneous metamorphic and sedimentary rock?

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extrusive, plagioclase rich, hornblend, pyroxene, biotite 
extrusive (mostly), plagioclase, pyroxene, similar in composition to gabbro, dark color 
intrusive, volcanic, composition intermediate between andesite and rhyolite (sometimes blueish color) 
course grained, intrusive, feldspar, pyroxene, hornblend, sometimes quartz (usually black and white) 
course grained, intrusive, plagioclase, augite, abundant in oceanic crust 
intrusive, quartz, feldspar, plutonic 
volcanic glass (rapid cooling), composition similar to rhyolite and granite 
very couse grained, intrusive, formed at margins of magma chamber, contains left-over minerals from melt 
course grained, intrusive, mantle rock, olivine 
extrusive, porus (low density), usually light colored, associated with volcanism 
fine-grained, extrusive, light colored, felsic, similar in composition to granite 
extrusive, porus, (lava rock)  
extrusive, lithified volcanic ash from pyroclastic flows 
extremely deformed rocks that represent the base of eroded mountain chains, typically within Precambrian cratonic blocks 
non-foliated, schistose (flaky) amphibole, plagioclase, salt and pepper look, parent material: varies 
foliated (banded), parent material: schist 
non-foliated, fine-grained, produced by contact metamorphism, parent material: varies 
non-foliated, calcium carbonate, parent material: limestone 
foliated, mostly mica, intermediate between slate and schist, parent material: shale or pelite (slate or mudstone) 
non-foliated, parent material: sandstone 
foliated, usually contains mica, intermediate metamorphic grade between phillite and gneiss, parent material: slate 
foliated, low-grade, quartz, muscovite, illite, parent material: shale, mudstone 
clastic, angular clasts 
microcrystaline SiO2, conchoidal fracture, (flint) 
organic, made from peat -> lignite -> butiminous -> anthracite 
clastic, rounded clasts 
hematite, magnetite, most formed before 1.8 bya with the biological advent of O2 from photosynthesis 
CaCO3, marine, from organic carbonate shells, chalk (ooze), coquina (shells), lithographic (dense), fossiliferous, oolitic (concentric precipitation), travertine (evaporative precipitation), tufa (hot springs) 
evaporite of salinated water 
clastic, grain size: 1/16-2mm, mostly quartz 
clastic, fine-grained, from fine silt and clay (mud) 
clastic, from courser silt 

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