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Lived and grew up on the streets of Lothal alone until they met the crew of the Ghost and joined the crewFirst weapon was an energy slingshot, was orphaned at the age of seven, is force-sensitive, born on the first Empire Day, and is being trained in the ways of the force by Kanan Jarrus
The leader of the rebel group and is a survivor of Order 66Jedi Master was Depa Billaba before Order 66, former name Caleb Dume, lightsaber breakes into two parts for concealment, trains Ezra Bridger in the ways of the force, never got the chance to reach the status of Jedi Knight due to Order 66
Grumby astromech droid of the crew of the Ghost
The muscle of the Ghost crewHomeworld is Lasan and carries a Lasan Honor Guard bo-rifle as their weapon of choice
Wears graffitied Mandalorian armor and is linked to art related attacks on the EmpireStarted out in the Imperial Academy but left and joined the Ghost crew at age sixteen and loves to graffiti Imperial posters
Pilot of The Ghost
Hired by the Emperor to hunt down and eliminate any remaining JediHas a red lightsaber, but isn't a Sith, that can spin on it's own like a propeller
HintAnswerExtra Information
Is an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB for short)Was present at the attack on Lasan and took a Lasan Honor Guard bo-rifle as a trophy
Code Name Fulcrum and their identity was revealed on the season 1 finale Fire Across the GalaxyFirst appearence was in Star Wars the Clone Wars movie,former Padawan of Anikin Skywalker, left the Jedi Order on the last episode of season five of Star Wars the Clone Wars
The crew steals things from the Empire for this person
Rodian friend of Ezra's parentsEzra's parents asked them to take care of Ezra before they were taken away by the Empire but they didn't take care of Ezra instead they went into the Empire to gain information on Ezra's parents and once they found what they were looking for they ended up downloading half the Empire's secrets as well and ran
Ezra's mother
Ezra's father

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