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Can you name the lyrics to 'I'll Never Tell' from the Buffy musical episode 'Once More With Feeling'?

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This is the manAnya
Isn't he fine?Anya
was to maim and to mangleAnya
Now I'm outAnya
The name I made,Anya
The only trouble is,Anya
She is the one.Xander
Such passion and grace.Xander
When I'm right in her tight embrace!Xander
I'll never let her go.Xander
Can only grow.Xander
Cause there'sBoth
Say 'housework' and Anya
She eat these skeazy cheese thatXander
I talk;Anya
She doesn't know whatXander
His penis gotAnya
The vibeBoth
Like she thinksXander
Like it's allAnya
Like her toesXander
But it's all very well,Both
When things get rough,Anya
Now look! He's getting huffy,Anya
She clings.Xander
She's also really greedy. She never-Xander/Anya
This is my verse,Xander
She- Look at me!Xander/Anya
You knowBoth/Xander
My knight in armor.Anya/Xander
With your lips as red as rubiesXander
He's swell.Anya/Xander
He'll always beAnya
That's why I'll never tell her thatXander
I've read this tale,Anya
I know there'll come a dayAnya
I lied.Both
I've tried,Both
Is she looking for Xander
Will I look goodAnya
Will our lives become to stressfulXander
When I get so worn and wrinklyAnya
Am I crazy? Am I dreamin'?Xander/Anya/Xander
We can really raise the beamBoth
So thank God I'll never tell!Both
My lips are sealed.Xander/Anya
Nothing to see.Xander
I'll neverBoth

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