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Can you name the Names of Sadie J Characters?

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Lady Gaga superfan and fashion obsessive
Quiet nerd
Canadian mean girl (series 1 only)
Geeky Space Cargo fan with big glasses
Steve's assistant
Scary Russian diner owner
Sadie's dog
Blonde haired protagonist
Sadie's brother
Vampire girl (Moviemashupamundo only)
African mean girl (series 2 only)
Miss V's nephew
Sadie's idol
Annoying girl girlfriend of Sadie's bro's best friend
American surfer (series 2 only)
Kit's Welsh cousin (Gagalicious only)
Bespectacled ninja warlord obsessive
Head of the Cheerups
Mechanic and Sadie's dad
Part-time mechanic, Sadie's dad's best friend

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